“I am so thankful I landed on Danielle LeBaron’s website. I knew in our first conversation that she was exactly what I was looking for in a virtual assistant and I have been 100% pleased with my investment. I love her communication style and how she is able to help keep me focused and accountable. Many days, she is on top of my business needs even more than I am! She is friendly, organized and efficient; always finishing tasks in a timely manner. Danielle isn’t afraid of learning new ways to do things, so if I come up with an idea, she’ll find a way to make it happen. She takes a load off my shoulders and takes tasks off my to do list. I couldn’t ask for more. She’s a great asset and well worth every dollar I have spent!”
—Tricia Downing, Entrepreneur, Disability Inclusion Advocate, & Speaker
“One of my biggest challenges as the owner of a one-woman consultancy is that I’m juggling multiple priorities and deadlines that are constantly changing. I’m responsible for not just doing the client work, but maintaining a stream of new business opportunities, keeping tabs on detail-oriented administrative tasks, and making sure my personal appointments happen so I have a life too (lol). Danielle has been a great partner to me in that she helps keep the momentum going on less urgent tasks when my priorities change, is great at managing and tracking various deadlines, and is not afraid to chase me down when she doesn’t have all the details or I owe her an update. And most importantly – we have fun working together.”
—Elisabeth Rosario, Entrepreneur
“I worked with Danielle for 2 years starting in Jan 2020.  Using her business and organizational talents, she helped me successfully navigate Covid while growing my business by over 30%. She was an extension to my management team that provided unique skills and perspectives that I could count on.  Her attentiveness and friendly support helped take my business to the next level.  Thanks to Danielle’s inputs into improving my business processes and client communications, I was able to sell my business for a price much higher than I would ever have imagined before hiring her. I highly recommend working with Danielle for any entrepreneur or busy professional that wants to improve their productivity, effectiveness, and revenue.”
—Allan Todd, owner Pagecafe
“Danielle has been a key team player with us for over 3 years! She has been tremendously helpful, proactive, and organized, and overall the best virtual assistant!”
—Josh Datko, Founder Cryptotronix

“Danielle keeps my small press humming! She manages the editorial process between me (the editor-in-chief), the authors, the editors, the designers, and the print department. That leaves me free to create my business and work directly with clients to develop product. She is high energy, optimistic, a fast learner, and always ready to take on a new learning curve. We love her!”
Stephanie Selene Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Selene River Press

“Danielle is an amazingly hard worker and a fun, outgoing person. She’s helped me immensely! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to shorten their to-do list and scale their business.”
—Molly McCowan, professional editor and writer

“Danielle is great at transcribing audio or video files; she’s saved me hours of hard work.”
—Dane Bradford, email marketer

“I have a lot more time to spend on my core business now that Danielle has helped me whittle down my to-do list. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner!”
—Linda Wells, professional artist

“Danielle was such a pleasure to work with. She was very professional and right on task with everything. She helped with a stressful situation and helped me to stay calm. I highly recommend Danielle to help assist you in any and all of your business needs!”
Kathy Brown, realtor

“First off, Danielle is a Amazing multi faceted person, she can do any task you give her with a smile on her face. Prompt responses to emails and phone calls. She is a doing a fantastic job on my page. Love her dearly, highly recommend! A+++”
Mike Chavez, owner of Mikey’s Total Car Care