Why Mentor?

cWhen I first started seven years ago I knew NOTHING about freelancing or virtual assistants. I didn’t even know it was a thing! I learned everything as I went. I HUSTLED HARD. I cried from stress and feeling overwhelmed all the time. I also pushed through and fought through every barrier, self-teaching myself as I went. … More Why Mentor?

3 Ways to Transition from Office Life to Freelance

There’s so many great parts about transition from the office to freelance life, but there’s some real struggles too. Solitude and loneliness can for sure kick in, struggling to stay motivated, finding ways to interact with others, and more. Check out my quick video below for three super simple ways to help transition and mitigate … More 3 Ways to Transition from Office Life to Freelance

Pausing the Vlog

Hello! I haven’t posted in a bit and there’s reason for that! I will be taking a month off from the weekly vlog posts while I work very hard on growing this new baby inside of me 🙂 We are excited to be adding another munchkin to our pack, but due to the fact that … More Pausing the Vlog