blogBusiness Organization

100% Custom Business Solutions 

Struggling to organize your business? Wishing you had set processes in place to refer yourself, your employees, or your clients to? I scope out the ins and outs of your business and translate those into cohesive processes and manuals. 


researchOnline Research

Marketing & Industry Insights

Need to stay on top of the latest industry news? Working on a project that requires market research? Going on a trip to Fiji and need to find a place to stay? Look no further: you just tell me what you need to know.



Turning Audio or Video into Written Text

Need an audio file from a meeting transcribed into a written report? I’m on it. Have a video that you need in written form? Need that transcription proofed for clarity and errors? I’m your girl! 


computerPublishing Blog Posts & Website Updates

Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date

If you write a lot of content for your website and no longer have the time to post everything, I can help. Want to make small tweaks to your website pages or information? Bring me on! I work mainly with WordPress websites, but am also familiar with other platforms.


newsletterEmail Marketing Services

Templates, List Management, & Design

I can save you hours by compiling your business email newsletters for you in Mailchimp, or the platform of your choice. This includes list management, template design, individual campaign creation, and sending emails to your followers.


socialMaintaining Your Social Networks

Sharing Content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & More

Publishing a blog post? It’s important to keep your social networks up-to-date on your latest news. I’ll post to your social networks as needed to make sure your followers are staying engaged.


emailOrganizing Your Inbox

Professional Email Filtering & Responding

I will filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. Don’t worry: I work with you to learn what your most important emails are, and how to respond to your clients and colleagues.


calendarManaging Calendars

Appointment & Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling can take up a lot of valuable time. Look no further! I can schedule your meetings and appointments and make sure you stay on track.


packageSocial Tasks

The Little Things

Writing holiday cards, sending thank-you notes, and keeping up with social niceties can take up a lot of valuable time. I can help you stay in people’s good graces while being able to focus on your business.


33Project Management

Making Sure Your Project Flows Smoothly

I can maintain a project calendar, schedule meetings, make sure everyone is on task, and map out milestones for your project. Say goodbye to chaotic, time-wasting emails and phone calls and rest assured that your project is staying on schedule.


49And More!

You Name It

Anything I can do to help you without physically being there is on the table. Need help with your bookkeeping and invoicing? I can pay online bills and send out regular invoices. Need to hire a new employee? I can post job listings and respond to applicants. Need to maintain a contact database? I can update your list and send out “keep in touch” emails. Contact me for more info!

Ready to save time & money? Email me today to schedule your free consultation.


“Danielle is an amazingly hard worker and a fun, outgoing person. She’s helped me immensely! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to shorten their to-do list and scale their business.”
—Molly McCowan, professional editor and writer