You Need an OM If…

You Feel Unorganized

If you feel your business is cluttered, disorganized, and not cohesive, an operations manager can help!

You’re Lost on Where to Start

Are you overwhelmed at the state of your company? Do you have great ideas, but aren’t sure how to implement them? Are you struggling to get what’s in your brain to translate into solid plans? An operations manager can take your brilliant ideas and turn them into actionable steps.

You Need Company Processes

Whether you’re a business of one or a hundred, having written out processes for how you run your company is a game changer. It’s that extra step that you often need, but don’t have the time or energy to do.

You Can’t Afford to Hire a Full-Time Employee (Yet)

Need help, but can’t quite afford a full-time employee? An operations manager will not only save you time and money, but will also get your business in tip top shape making it smoother when you do bring on employees.

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“Danielle keeps my small press humming! She manages the editorial process between me (the editor-in-chief), the authors, the editors, the designers, and the print department. That leaves me free to create my business and work directly with clients to develop product. She is high energy, optimistic, a fast learner, and always ready to take on a new learning curve. We love her!”

Stephanie Selene Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Selene River Press