Danielle LeBaron | Virtual Assistant | Operations Manager | Eagle Mountain, UT |Salt Lake City, UT | Lehi, UT | Colorado Springs, CO | Fort Collins, CO

It’s time to stop treading water: having a virtual assistant is your secret weapon for scaling your business.

It's time to get out of the office

Danielle LeBaron helps small business owners check things off their to-do list and get back to what matters most.

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It’s time to stop treading water: having a virtual assistant or operations manager is your secret weapon for scaling your business. 

Danielle LeBaron is a professional virtual assistant and business operations manager who can either become a dedicated part of your team or complete those “every now and then” hourly tasks that you just don’t have time for anymore.

Have you been promising yourself that you’ll actually start sending out a weekly email newsletter to your followers? Danielle can help (and she’ll share it with your social media followers too).

Do you have a ton of “tiny” tasks that are taking up a huge chunk of your day? That’s where Danielle comes in.

Need to get your business organized and functioning more smoothly? Danielle’s got you covered!

She’s worked with a wide-range of business and has learned many varying skills along the way! From Publishing, PR and Communications, Cybersecurity, SEO, Storage Unit Management, Disability Advocacy, Local Theater Management, and Nonprofit work, she is able to adapt to whatever your business may need.

Give it a try and see how having a virtual assistant can help you build and grow your business. Schedule your free consultation today! 

OR, are you yourself a current or prospective freelancer/virtual assistant looking for support in starting your entrepreneur journey? Danielle offers one-on-one mentoring to get your dreams into action!