Why Mentor?

Why should you do a mentoring call? Why do I even offer mentoring? Because when I was starting out, oh how I would have killed to have had someone to mentor me!

When I first started seven years ago I knew NOTHING about freelancing or virtual assistants. I didn’t even know it was a thing! I learned everything as I went. I HUSTLED HARD. I cried from stress and feeling overwhelmed all the time. I also pushed through and fought through every barrier, self-teaching myself as I went.

I persevered.

And you can too! But I don’t want you to fight and struggle like I did. See the short video below for more details on what mentoring with me is and why you should do it!

Have a question or topic you’d like me to cover? Comment and let me know!

If you’re ready for your push to get started, let’s talk! Fill out the form on my mentoring page and let’s get you going!

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