Be the Dream

People often ask me to explain more about what I do. The idea of working from home as my own boss is of great interest! After just a few minutes of explaining my freelancing career I almost always hear the exact same phrase, “Wow, that’s the dream!”

This really struck me. What I do seems like “the dream” to so many. This unattainable job that I got lucky to have. And while yes, there was some luck in having good connections to get me started, most everything I’ve done has been from hard work and perseverance.

The reason I point out that it’s hard work and not luck is because it doesn’t take luck or connections to get into this work. Anyone can do it if they truly have the desire and the work ethic.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I make these videos. I want people to stop thinking of this as “the out-of-my reach dream” and rather to Be the Dream!

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